You win some, you lose some

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Did the weekly supermarket shop yesterday. As I rounded a corner a promotional display of chocolate bars caught my eye: Cadbury’s toffee apple flavour, with chunks of dried apple and toffee pieces. New. Yummmm. Quick glance at the nutrition panel told me that 3 pieces contained 86 calories – not awful, maybe a little treat? I threw one in my basket, just to try it.

By the time I got to the checkout I was starting to have second thoughts – I’ve been so good. I haven’t eaten a single thing all week that wasn’t proper food – no junk. I don’t remember the last time I did that. Maybe I should put it back? But heck, it’s just an occasional treat. And at three chunks per serving, the bar would last me over a week. But do I really want to be eating milk chocolate daily for the next week? And could I really stop at just three chunks? I put it to one side. But then I thought, heck, I’m a grown woman. I will not be ruled by a chocolate bar. I can practice moderation and I shouldn’t forbid myself anything if I want to have a normal relationship with food. I put it back on the conveyor belt. But then I thought – I’m a new me. I make choices about the quality of the things I put in my body. It’s not about banning food, I just choose not to eat rubbish. I deserve better. I put it back. And left the store feeling very pleased with myself.

Later that night, hubby and I went to a rock bar where, unlike normal practice, I limited myself to water and diet coke because I didn’t want to ruin a perfect week by drinking half a day’s calories. Leaving around 2am hubby asked if he could stop for pizza, knowing that I was being good. I told him he could have whatever he wanted. He got a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, whereas I looked forward to the roast chicken leftovers that were waiting for me when I got back, knowing that I was a little short on my calories and could even eat the skin for once. Mmmm.

He opened the pizza box. It smelt so good. He asked if I’d like some. I told him to save me a small piece. I was going to finish every last morsel of chicken, and if, after eating that, I still wanted some pizza, I would allow myself to have some. He saved me two slices. I finished my chicken, didn’t wait for it to register in my stomach and dove right in to the smallest piece of pizza. Told him that one was enough, I just wanted a taste, and he should eat the other one. Finished my slice. It was delicious. He was about halfway through the other slice. I watched it going into his mouth. Mmmm. He passed it over and I wolfed it down. Oh dear.

The pizza was a bit spicy. Really needed to cool my mouth down. Got out the remains of a tub of pistachio kulfi from the freezer and a spoon. Didn’t even measure it out but dug right in. In the end, I didn’t have too much, and still managed to put another serving or so back in the freezer. So, a perfect week marred only by mindless out-of-control guzzling of pizza and ice cream, driven by emotional cues instead of hunger and rational thought.

And the kicker? Yesterday was the only day last week that I hit both my calorie targets and my macronutrient targets. Go figure!

On the plus side, last week was possibly my best exercise week ever. I did everything: my minimum and my optional extras, for a total of 4 hours and 50 minutes. Plus, I enjoyed it. I also made progress on my 2010 fitness goals, finishing all the regular workouts for stage one of NROL4W and upping my cruising walking speed to 5.5kph.

Although the nutrition goals don’t look great, in fact, I was just short of my calorie target most days, averaging 1800 calories per day, and my overall macro ratios for the week were 46% carbs, 30% fat, 24% protein, so not terrible. I need one or two more generally compliant weeks like that so I can see what kind of progress I am making with regards to fat loss, and then I can begin tweaking my nutrition if necessary.

My workout schedule for the coming week looks like this:

Sunday NROL4W Stage 1 special workout A
Monday Badminton
Tuesday HIIT
Wednesday NROL4W Stage 1 special workout B
Thursday Pilates
Friday HIIT
Saturday Walk

Rather than take a week off between stages, seeing as I’ve had a couple of weeks off during Stage 1 anyway, I’ve made this week a little lighter and spread the load, particularly with regard to doing my intervals on busy work days, so I’m at least doing something, rather than adding them on to the special resistance workouts. I’ll write about those later in the week. I’m really looking forward to starting Stage 2 next week though.

Specific goals for this week:

  • Nutrition: make an effort to hit my macros, particularly by upping protein intake at snacks
  • Exercise: do both resistance and interval workouts and get a minimum of three hours exercise this week
  • Lifestyle: finish my PN writing assignments and get them submitted to the competition

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