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June 15, 2009 at 10:28 pm 1 comment

I have just got back from the Download rock festival. We stayed at a fantastic hotel – well the hotel was basic, but the facilities were fantastic. Cheap and great staff too. We made good use of the extremely well equipped gym. Hubby and I TT’d together for the first time. He doesn’t like me watching him – he gets very self conscious. And on the Sunday, I dragged my unwilling arse out of bed (OK, at 10am) and went for a short swim and a sauna. Before my massage and facial. It’s a hard life!

Also, we did lots of walking around the venue. The parking was actually in a different county to the stages! Seriously – that’s like being in a different State. LOL. And I may have been seen to even jump up and down to The Prodigy. It takes quite a lot to get me to jump up and down. And it occurred to me that a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to jump up and down without collapsing in a sweaty, panting heap on the ground. The only downside was that I missed a scheduled TT workout that I won’t be able to make up this week whilst maintaining an off day between workouts, so that puts me one workout behind.

The food was less good, as I knew it would be, but with a bit of advanced planning and some sensible choices, I tried to limit myself to one ‘less good’ to ‘OMG did I really eat that?’ meal per day. I took fruit with me and Myoplex Diet protein MRP sachets, which I only had to resort to once. I made one considered indulgence – there was a milkshake concession, and their whole concept was whole milk blended with various chocolate bars – they had mint Aeros, maltesers, minstrels, galaxy etc. And the one I simply couldn’t resist, possibly one of my all time favourite chocolate bars – the Dime bar milkshake. Oh. Wow. It tasted absolutely out of this world.

My one disappointment was at Sunday lunch. It was a self-serve roast lunch. I did relatively well on the mains, but then I went to look at the desserts. Big mistake. They looked so good. And two of them ticked all my boxes – white chocolate and raspberry mousse, and chocolate hazelnut meringue roulade. I couldn’t make my mind up. So I had both. I promised myself I wouldn’t finish them both, and I didn’t. But I still felt sick afterwards. What bothered me was not that I ate them – the Dime milkshake will tell you that if I want something I will eat it, but that the thoughts that went through my mind before putting two desserts on my plate at no time involved, TT, healthier choices, or any other type of considered reasoning. I just wanted them. And I inhaled them. This is the kind of thinking that I am trying to overcome, and mostly doing a good job. So that was my one let down over the weekend – that I ate fattening unhealthy food mindlessly.

Despite being a little easier on myself over the weekend food wise, and eating stuff that I wouldn’t eat at home, like I said above, most of it was done with awareness. Amazingly, after inputting, to the best of my ability, what I had eaten into FitDay, the damage was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was in surplus (only 100-200 cals) on two days, and actually managed a 300 or so calorie deficit on the Saturday!

This morning I weighed in 1.4 pounds up on Friday morning but no change in body fat! Certainly not a bad result after a weekend of festival food and cooked breakfasts. And I’m actually up less than a pound on my weekly weigh in last week but down over one and a half percent body fat. So overall, I was prepared for this trip, handled it better than I would have in the past, and had a great time. I’m pretty happy with that.

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  • 1. Cynthia  |  June 16, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Excellent going! And don’t be down on yourself for one awareness slip up. That, as much as anything else is a long ingrained habit and those get overcome bit by bit by bit.

    I can understand your hubby though… I get very self conscious myself and don’t particularly like to workout when hubby is watching. But it happens some times, since I’ve been doing workouts at home. One day maybe it will be his turn.


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