Steady progress, chicken rendang, and on being a personal trainer

March 8, 2009 at 11:56 am 3 comments

I feel I should post because today is official weigh day and I haven’t posted anything for a few days, but really, there isn’t much to report. For the last three days I have been back on the top line on my fridge weight-loss progress chart (see below) – I had an idea this might happen which is why I got hubby to take a picture on the day I inched on to the second line. Having said that, my official weigh-in today put me 0.4 pounds down on last Sunday’s weigh-in and 0.3% BF down, also giving me my first ‘official’ body fat reading in the 45% range this year. So slow but steady progress then, and I am quite happy with that.

I managed all my schedule BFS workouts again last week, if only by the skin of my teeth. I didn’t do my workout on Thursday – I was feeling a bit ropey, which meant I had to do weights and intervals on Friday. But I had a personal training client after work, after which hubby and I went to a concert of the local university (Manchester, England) big band, which was great. And then we grabbed some dinner at a nearby Asian restaurant (noodles, stir fries, that kind of thing). I refused to order the least fattening thing on the menu as I am trying to break free of the diet mentality, and in my ongoing attempts to improve my relationship with food, chose the one I most liked the sound of at the time. I had a Malaysian chicken rendang curry with rice, with a side serving of stir fried vegetables. Mmmmm. Heavy on the coconut milk, but absolutely delicious. And I stopped when I was full, without cleaning off the plate. But it was past 10 pm when we got home. I procrastinated a bit because I was tired, but eventually, the lure of ticking off my Joe’s Goals scorecard and of maintaining my unblemished BFS record, was too great and I began my workout around midnight, finishing at nearly 1.30 in the morning! But I did it, and slept like a baby afterwards with a clear head, clear pores and a clear conscience. All in all, I did over six hours of exercise again last week, and belly dancing with my mum now seems to have become a weekly ritual, which is quite nice.

With regards to the personal training client, I qualified as a personal trainer at the beginning of 2006 but never worked as one. I opened a business doing corporate work, which mostly involved stress management workshops, better backs programmes, and on-site fitness classes. I made one attempt to get some PT clients, posting flyers through the doors in my neighbourhood, but only got one call. I was really nervous when I went round for the initial consultation because being overweight and unfit myself (the reason I became a PT in the first place), I lacked confidence and found it hard to believe people would listen to me, despite my knowledge. It didn’t help that she was an aerobics teacher. Anyway, it didn’t go very well and she never called back. And that was about two years ago. But as my depression lifts, my body image shifts and I learn to respect and love myself for who I am and not what I look like (an ongoing process), I decided I would like to give it another go. I have also been buoyed by being able to provide useful advice to several people on the BFS forums, which has strengthened my realisation that I do have something to offer. So in an attempt to buoy my confidence and get some hands on experience, I offered my pilates class free personal training sessions. Two of them took me up on it and I had my first session Friday night and my second Saturday morning, both of which went really well, and I am now starting to re-consider a future in the fitness industry.

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  • 1. Cynthia  |  March 8, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    You are doing great! Progress on all fronts, I’d say!

    Can’t believe you did that late night workout, but WOW! That’s great commitment! I mean seriously, you deserve to feel good about that one!

    Stopping eating when I am full is hard. It’s one of the things I’m working on, especially when eating out. Though lately we have not done much of that. Truth is, except for the more expensive places, most of the restaurants here in town are marginal at best. It’s sad, but better for the waistline, I suppose! I’d kill for a curry like you described! There is no such thing to be found locally since our one Thai restaurant closed.

    As for the personal training thing, I’ve noticed a couple of the women personal trainers at our gym are not, frankly, exactly lean themselves. Yet, they still get some clients I presume. So while I think it helps to be and look fit in that industry, if you help people, I suspect they’ll forgive your personal foibles. Be honest that you struggle and well, you might be perfect for those who get intimidated by ultra lean and fit folks.

    • 2. blubberbegone  |  March 8, 2009 at 10:51 pm

      Hey Cyn,

      Re: the personal training, I always thought that having ‘been there’ would be an advantage, but that only works in situations with clients in a similar position. The one I met two years ago was a superfit gym-bunny and I was completely intimidated!

      Re: chicken rendang – I was thinking of hunting down a recipe and posting on the site, so I will definitely do that now. Obviously, I will have to test it out first, tee hee.

      Re: stopping eating when you’re full, your (and my previous) inability to do this has more to do with our diet history than any failure of moral fibre on our parts. There is a really good book that I want you to read. In fact, I want you to read it so much, I’ve just ordered it for you! In the meantime, check out the string of comments under the posting at this post.

  • 3. Cynthia  |  March 8, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    I meant clients now… especially if you are looking for weight loss clients. Sure, some of those folks may prefer a fit and lean trainer, but some may be more comfortable with someone like themselves who KNOWS the alternate ways of working around body issues from experience.

    I did get the bit about the one two years ago being a gym bunny, and yeah, no good if you are intimidated by the client!

    If you can find a recipe, I’m game! I am not such a good cook, but I am usually OK with following recipes. I end up altering to my taste, but hey, that’s how it works.

    Now don’t go ordering a book for me if it’s the new BodyFatSolution by Tom Venuto, because I HAVE it. Relative gave it to me for Xmas. Just haven’t read it yet. Recent arrival and I was ah, way overdue on a library book about menopause that I had to finish first before the fine got bigger.

    Interesting about the carb thing you experienced on PN where it impacted your depression… I don’t think I had that happen. But I do like a “little” more freedom on carbs than PN gave me. The funny bit is, I still tend to think compliant/non-compliant on my meals. Sort of a self check I can’t quite get out of the habit of!


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