Weights and intervals on the same day?

February 24, 2009 at 11:54 pm 1 comment

As I wrote a few days ago, on Sunday I did my weights and intervals on the same day. There were practical reasons for this but I won’t bore you with those. Despite a ten or so minute break after doing my weights (which take around 35 minutes), the interval workout (23 minutes, five 1-minute RPE 7/8 intervals) was really hard work (not in a good way) and I found that I wasn’t working at the same intensity as I normally would.

For the same practical reasons, which I still won’t bore you with, I need to continue to do my weights and intervals on the same day for the rest of this week. So this morning, I actually managed to get up a bit earlier and did my intervals before work. Purists will be horrified, but I did not get up super early, re-fuel and then workout. I just crawled out of bed, into my workout gear, and got on the elliptical.

There are different schools of thought on the benefits and suitability of fasted cardio in the morning. For a good, although sometimes complex discussion on the reasoning and science behind this check out The Fasted Cardio Roundtable on T-Nation. The gist of it is that during the night, the majority of energy you use is produced through fat metabolism, so come morning, there should be a greater availability of free fatty acids in the bloodstream, available to fuel your workouts. This is only true of cardio, not resistance training – everyone agrees that doing resistance training (weights) on an empty stomach is BAD. However, the use of FFAs for energy only works at low to moderate intensity workouts. Because fat oxidation is a slow process, higher intensity workouts will switch to alternative energy sources.

All I know is that doing my intervals just after waking up felt like c**p. It felt as though I had upped the resistance on the machine and every stride was an effort. It took about fifteen minutes, or three of my five intervals, until this eased a little. And rather than feeling great after my workout, and starting my day with a bounce in my step, I was tired all day long, despite a relatively early night. And I didn’t get the benefit of knowing that I had done my workout for the day, because I knew that my resistance training session would be waiting for me when I got home. On the plus side, my weights session this evening was unaffected and I matched or improved on my performance on all exercises compared to last time. So, strike two for weights and cardio on the same day. While morning might be a good time to get in some bonus cardio, I don’t think I will make a habit of doing my intervals first thing.

In the name of scientific endeavor, I will try something different for my third and final weight-and-cardio on the same day. On Thursday I am going to, shock horror, try doing my intervals first, followed by my weights. This is generally frowned upon because having tired yourself out doing cardio, you are likely to perform sub-optimally on your resistance workout, and may also have more difficulty maintaining good form, thus increasing the risk of injury. However, after my interval sessions, performed in the evening, I usually feel great, and regular readers will know that after a little break, I usually do some bonus cardio. So just this once I will do my intervals, take a break, and then do my resistance session. Exercise boffins out there who understand these things better than me have until Thursday evening GMT to talk me out of this earth shattering course of action. Stay tuned.


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I’m starting to sweat a little Over 6 hours exercise!

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  • 1. Cynthia  |  February 25, 2009 at 7:14 am

    While I sometimes (rarely) get up and do a workout first thing before eating, it’s not my favorite. I usually feel stiff first thing in the morning and moving around doing my normal stuff like fixing breakfast, etc… helps loosen me up.

    You know… it’s not infrequent that I go do my water aerobics, then go do some resistance stuff after. I know it should be the other way around, but it’s just blasted hard to get myself there earlier. Also, I tend to feel warmed up and ready to really exert after being in the pool.

    I say experiment and see how it works for you.


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