101 in 1001

101 things to do in the next 1001 days. For more info on the the 1001 project, click here. My deadline: June 30th, 2010.

Health & Fitness Goals – 5 down, 21 to go.

  1. Lose 70 lbs of fat and keep it off
    • 20+ pounds down. 50 or so to go.
  2. Exercise a minimum of five hours a week…DONE
    • So far so good: 5 hours 10 mins last week, 6 hours 5 mins this week.
    • 7 hours 15 minutes in week 3
    • Starting a new job and actually working 8 hours a day took a surprisingly large toll on me. Missed both my pilates workouts last week taking me under 5 hours for the first time since I started. Having said that, the workouts I did were quite high intensity.
    • Week 2 of my new job saw a grand total of 50 minutes exercise for the week! But I didn’t have the energy to even stand up half the time, let alone workout. On the plus side, I hated not being able to work out. This is a new experience for me, so maybe I am developing a true exercise habit.
    • This really has become second nature to me now. I exercise between 5 and 7 hours most weeks. This week I have been ill and misses several workouts, and only logged 3 hours 45 mins. I think I’m going to mark this one off as DONE.
    • Fell out of this habit but working back up to it in 2010.
  3. Take a stroke correction class and swim a mile
  4. Learn butterfly
  5. Study tai chi
  6. Go to a pilates reformer class…DONE
  7. Buy a reformer
  8. Go from walking to jogging
    • Cardiovascularly, I’m there, I think. Trying to get my heart rate up on the treadmill has my little legs going so fast that I’m about to break into a run. Unfortunately, I still have a long way to go on the weight loss front and still have no cartilege in my left knee, so I’m loath to put that much force through it. Adding an incline just gives me shin splints, so I’ve had to switch to the elliptical on high intensity days. Ugh. Another stone or two and I’ll reconsider.
    • I have now done 2 one-minute jogging intervals as part of my 20-minute interval training workout. It’s only a matter of time.
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Run a 10K
  11. Start and finish a Turbulence Training programme…Did BFS which is practically the same. All 24 workouts in four weeks. Marking this one off as …DONE
    • Also finally finished two TT programmes!
  12. Do a chin up
    • I’ve ordered a chin-up bar. Will let you know how I get on
  13. Do a Step DVD without having to stop to prevent a heart attack
  14. Start and finish a remedial programme for my bad knee and shoulder
  15. Drink two litres of water everyday
    • Finding this a little tough. Up to 1.5 litres of water a day, as well as tea, wine, the odd coffee or glass of milk. My bladder is getting a great workout!
  16. Juice every day for a month, and try to maintain it…DONE
    • My favourite juice: Life Saver from the book Superjuice by Michael van Straten – 3 apples, 2 oranges, a lemon, and 2 handfuls of iceberg lettuce. Wonderfully zesty and refreshing.
  17. Don’t order more than one course when eating out in 2008

      Didn’t stick to this in either 2008 or 2009, but it’s a good goal. Will have another go for 2010.

  18. Go to bed no later than 11pm and get 8 hours sleep a night every day for a month to get into the habit
    • Hmmmm, no comment.
  19. Learn to ride a bike
  20. Do beginner kickboxing workout without having to stop ….DONE
    • Finally did the Beginner’s workout from Kick the Fat (see books page for details) without having to stop for more than a few seconds here and there. Will build up my stamina till I can do 60 seconds skipping between exercises, instead of 30, and then move on to the intermediate workout
  21. Do intermediate kickboxing workout
  22. Do advanced kickboxing workout
  23. Try out three new dance-style workouts each year
    • Tried hip hop. My hip hop workout DVD is now for sale at Amazon. ’nuff said!
    • Ordered some more DVDs: Bollywood and Latin
    • Latin Rhythm Workout by Kathy Smith: absolutely brilliant
    • Picked up her Belly Dancing too. Fun, fun, fun. I can now shimmy with the best of them.
    • Bollywood bloody hard work, not made any easier because the instruction on the DVD is rubbish, but it is quite fun
    • Ordered Reggaeton DVD
  24. Go to a yoga class
  25. Do a triathlon
  26. Do a marathon (what the heck, who knows, maybe one day!)

  27. Education goals

  28. Get my masters
    • Done two modules, four to go
  29. Learn Chinese

  30. Professional Goals – 2 down, 5 revoked, 2 in progress, 1 to go

  31. Get my annual CPD to maintain my REPs certification
    • 2007 DONE
    • 2008 DONE
    • 2009 DONE
  32. Get my pilates level 3 qualification with Stott
    • Signed up for course in summer 08
    • Decided Stott too hard-core and will pursue L3 certification with Future Fit, who I did my initial training with. Did the Advanced Instructor course. Have not pursued the L3 certificate as I simply don’t know anyone, including me, who could do the exercises and I couldn’t therefore teach and film a class.
  33. Get my pilates equipment certification…GOAL REVOKED
    • Signed up for Reformer course in June O8
    • This nearly killed me. Have decided not to pursue it at this time.
  34. Write a monthly corporate health & wellbeing e-newsletter. No longer in this business. …GOAL REVOKED.
  35. Run two stress management workshops a year. No longer in this business…GOAL REVOKED
  36. Get a medical writing job ….DONE…YAY!
  37. Work my way up to project leader
    • Hated it. Quit. No more medical writing for me.
  38. Become a Weight Watchers leader and run my own meetings. Not sure this is the way to go. Am considering other options here. … GOAL REVOKED.
  39. Get a feature article published in a national or international magazine
  40. Get my inbox down from over 200 to under 20 emails…DONE
    • Oops, crept up again. Need to re-address this one in 2010

    Finance Goals – Just 5, but these are biggies, plus one new littlie – 4 down, 2 to go

  41. Pay off my credit cards and cut all but one of them into teeny weeny little pieces…DONE
  42. Put the household finances into a software programme, create a budget and stick to it…DONE
    • I’ve made a start here. I created an excel spreadsheet and had loads of fun formatting it with bold type and pretty colours. I’ve filled in all my regular expenses, but the next step is to keep a spending diary for a couple of weeks or so to work out what I’m spending money on, how I can be a bit more careful, and what kind of variable outlay I should allow myself. I also don’t know what my monthly pay check will look like after tax yet. By the end of this year, I hope to have this item crossed off and my finances on a much firmer, more formalised footing.
    • This is now done.
  43. Save 10% of my earnings every month before I do anything else (after sorting out the credit cards)
  44. Set up an offset mortgage facility when current deal expires (February 2008)…DONE
  45. Sort out the mess with British Gas (hiss, boo)…DONE (Yay!)
  46. Put £5 into a high-interest savings account for every item on this list I cross off
    • I got this great idea from another blogger’s 101 list – thanks Marianne! I have just opened up a new savings account just for my 101 money, with £30 for the six items I’ve already crossed off. At the end, it’ll be worth £500 plus interest, currently at 6.51%. Not bad!
    • Up to £115
  47. New goal: finalise all the paperwork for FitBiz UK and put it behind me.…DONE
  48. Home Goals – 2 down, 4 to go

  49. Finish decorating the bedroom!…DONE
    • I’ve just ordered some shelves. Still to do: cupboard door handles, possibly mounting some large pictures in the cupboard doors, or creating new doors around the pictures, and getting a few accessories and plants in there.
    • Shelves up – looks good. Next, door handles
  50. Sort through all the c**p in my office and dispose of it in an appropriate manner, like burning!
  51. Buy a fireplace and put up bookshelves in the lounge
  52. Get my Ed Heck painting out of storage and put it on the wall… DONE
  53. Get a stand made for my African sculpture and display it
  54. Over the next year, donate, recycle, or simply dispose of 5 items a day from my home that I no longer need/use/fit in to. Thanks yet again to Marianne for this brilliant idea. [138/1825]
    • I had cans of food dating back to 2001! And 22 pens that didn’t work!!

  55. Hobbies – 7 goals, 1 down, 3 in progress, 3 to go

  56. Read a book every month just for fun or edification – no textbooks
    • Read: Middle Age: A Romance by Joyce Carol Oates; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver; Dolphin Island by Arthur C Clarke; Anvil: The story of Anvil; Dewey; Shakespeare by Bill Bryson; The Secret Servant and a Maeve Binchy book (does it really matter which one) on holiday.
  57. Start by reading all the unread books that I already own
    • See above
  58. Dig out my saxophone and learn to play it
    • Problematic in a flat surrounded my miserable old folks who have nothing better to do than complain all the time. Decided to take up the keyboard instead. Have bought a digital keyboard (with volume control) and am currently taking lessons
  59. Take singing lessons
    • A local college has evening classes for people wanting to learn to sing, but I’ve missed the start for this year. Will sign up for 2008.
    • They never offered this course again 😦 I will keep an eye out in the future
  60. Take a wine appreciation course…DONE
    • I was actually looking for wine courses when I found the singing course. But I’ve since found a free, interactive, online, wine tasting course and scored my first two wines. Check it out here.
  61. Take some tennis lessons and play with hubby in the summer
  62. Improve my pool game until I can beat hubby at least some of the time and not just when he accidentally pots the black

  63. Style & Beauty Goals – 18!! Obviously, there was a lot of room for improvement here. 8 down, several in progress

  64. Go through my closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit and doesn’t make me look like a million bucks
    • Made a start here, and donated a large bag of clothes to a local charity shop. Even better, I now have spare hangers!
    • Got rid of some more stuff. I still haven’t been through the whole lot once. Will try and finish that task this month (Nov 07).
    • Pretty much done this now, and got rid of all my size 20 clothes that are now too big. There are a few things that are still a bit small but too good/nice to throw away. Will have another clear out when I lose a bit more weight.
  65. Have a style overhaul and dress to impress. Make an appointment with a stylist if necessary …. DONE
    • Making an effort not to leave the house in tracksuit pants with holes in them and t-shirt with food stains. It’s a challenge alright.
    • Talked to a stylist I met at a networking event. We decided to wait till I go down a size as a) my shape might change (hopefully), and b) I will need to buy new clothes anyway
    • Getting pretty good at this now. I rarely go out looking worse than at least presentable, and occasionally even look half decent. Think this one is DONE
  66. Accessorise ….DONE
    • Working on it
    • Spent a silly amount of money on costume jewellery today. My father, who was in the jewellery business, would turn in his grave if he knew! Also bought a black alligator-style handbag with chrome trim. Very swish. Hubby was a little surprised – not my usual style.
    • I guess this one is more of a shift in thinking, and I reckon I can safely say that I now think about how to accessorise what I wear for a complete look. Will obviously need to keep building up my repertoire and stay up to date, but I’m going to mark this one off as DONE!!
  67. Only wear shoes that actually fit and are comfortable to walk in ….DONE
    • Got rid of my first pair today: a pair of brown ankle boots that rubbed when I wore them to work. Gone to charity. One down, an embarrassing few to go.
    • Have now removed all shoes that are not comfortable from my wardrobe and donated them to charity/the bin depending on their condition.
  68. Fit into and buy a stunning LBD for hubby
  69. Learn to style my own hair…DONE
  70. Cleanse daily and moisturise morning and night…DONE
    • This has become second nature to me – I don’t even have to think about it anymore.
  71. Have a facial once a month
    • Had one yesterday, so that’s done for this month. It was so gooood.
    • October facial done. I now have eyebrows again.
    • 7 of 9 (missed February and March)
    • Let this one slide for financial reasons, but now give myself a weekly face mask.
  72. Don’t squeeze
    • I’m trying….
  73. Floss daily…DONE
    • Missed a day when I went to bed at 3 am (!) but otherwise good. Bought some interdental brushes, which I’m now a bit nervous about using.
    • OK, now I’m using the interdental brushes. Not too bad.
    • Have been a bit lax here for a while. Will concentrate on this one in January
    • Started using Joe’s Goals. Knowing that if I don’t floss I don’t get my tick has actually made a difference. Flossed every day since I started using it
    • This has now become a habit. Thanks Joe’s Goals
  74. See a hygienist every 6 months.Been doing this for 18 months now and my current dentists sends out reminders, so no problem keeping up with it. Gonna mark this off as …DONE
  75. Get my cracked front veneer replaced
  76. Take care of my nails
  77. Make an effort with my body – no need to slack off just because I’m married. Smooth legs for hubby
    • Shaved my legs. Woohoo. But instead of being a chore, now its doing something on my 101 list – a much greater achievement. I should have put the vacuuming and dusting on here too. Maybe not.
    • Bought body lotion to try and do something about my dry winter skin
  78. Buy a proper set of make up brushes and learn how to use them – no more applying make up with my fingers…DONE, Xmas present
  79. Overhaul make up bag. Dispose of any experiments that didn’t work
  80. Throw away any old eye make up and buy new ….DONE
  81. Learn how to apply eyeliner properly

  82. Travel Goals – 8, in 2.75 years…oh well, I can dream; 1 down, 7 to go

  83. Go to China
  84. Spend a month driving around New Zealand with hubby
  85. Learn to ski
  86. Go on a walking holiday somewhere beautiful
  87. Go on a cycling holiday with hubby
  88. Visit San Francisco and the wine country
  89. Go back to New York, and do the not-so-touristy things ….DONE
  90. Take a holiday in the UK – I’ve been all over the world but barely know my own country

  91. Do Good Deeds – Just 3 of these; d’ya think I might have my priorities a bit wrong?

  92. Double the amount I give to charity each year Now that I have a full-time job, this is DONE
  93. Adopt an animal…DONE, Xmas present: a panda called Zhu Xhiong
  94. Volunteer a couple of hours a week to charity

  95. Just for Fun – 13 of them, only one crossed off. I need to have more fun!

  96. Trade in my sensible small car with a boot that’ll take a fitball for a cute little 2-seater number
  97. Play beach volleyball
  98. Throw a cocktail party
  99. Try surfing
  100. Ice skate on a frozen lake
  101. Try belly dancing…DONE
  102. Learn trapeze
  103. Have a driving session on a skid pan
  104. Take in at least one cultural event (theatre, concert, gallery, etc.) every month [4 of 7]
    • A classical concert and a tour of Manchester City Art Gallery, all in one weekend. Making up for lost time
    • Two plays: ‘Spies’ my Michael Frayn and ‘Single Spies’ by Alan Bennet. Didn’t rate the Bennet much, but Frayn is one of my favourites
    • Flamenco and Real Madrid vs Barcelona at the Stadio Bernabeu in Madrid – football cultural? You’d better believe it
    • Whitesnake
    • Status Quo
    • Manchester University Big Band
    • Terrorvision…Yay!!!
    • Theatre: Blonde Bombshells of 1943
    • AC/DC – Angus Rocks
    • Basement Jaxx
    • GBS: Mrs Warren’s Profession. Disappointing
    • Bridgewater Hall: Buena Vista Social Club – dirty danced with hubby in the aisles; thanks Kathy Smith!
    • In NY, two plays and two musicals: Hair (average), Next to Normal (brilliant), A Steady Rain (with Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig; disappointing, despite the eye candy), and God of Carnage (very good)
    • Also in NY: American Folk Art Museum, with a surprisingly fascinating exhibition of artistic quilting, and a cool live jazz background soundtrack; various small photographic galleries; East Side Tenement Museum; romantic jazz dinner boat trip on the Hudson for our anniversary, taking in all the sights; Coney Island, with a freak show and a ride on the Hurricane; and a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Does Babeland count as a cultural experience? It was certainly educational!
    • Donnington Monsters of Rock/Download – highlights were Faith No More, The Prodigy, and Chris Cornell
    • Nickelback – still rocking
    • Day out in London Town: boat trip down the Thames, Tower of London, and Dame Eileen Atkins in The Female of the Species
  105. Have a flying lesson
  106. Go on a picnic
  107. Try my hand at mud wrestling
  108. Spend a night in an ice hotel
  109. Make a new list

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kim  |  June 24, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Wow! I am inpressed! I thihnk I will check out this goal project you are doing. I like you blog also.
    Good job! You are awesome.

    • 2. blubberbegone  |  June 24, 2009 at 10:29 pm

      Wow, thanks Kim. Good luck with your own 101.

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